At Picnic English Learning Centre we provide a dynamic and exciting programme of English courses where students are encouraged to reach their full potential. Our student-centred teaching approach focuses on the student’s individual development and nurtures their skills in an immersive learning environment.

To further support Picnic students and enhance their learning journey, our【PLP Picnic Learning Philosophy】 values ensure all students grow with confidence and independence to achieve in English and life-long learning.

PLP Picnic Learning Philosophy Graphic

Effective Learning

Students enjoy a balance of group and independent learning which encourages communication, cooperation, critical thinking and individual language development.

Small group instruction with carefully selected resources ensures students’ needs are met and supports them to make personal and academic achievement.


Students are immersed in a positive and rich English learning environment with carefully graded activities that challenge and reward.

Students find it easier to acquire new language and develop skills that can be immediately used in the real world.


Students are placed at the centre of learning and our teaching team can focus on their individual skills and learning goals.

Students are also motivated to learn with our fun and active learning approach which helps them to quickly make progress, gain confidence and excel in English.

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