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Picnic Primary is a progressively structured course with stimulating activities that ensure students effectively practise and develop their English learning. Students explore different topics and systematically enhance their core language skills which enables them to successfully communicate and express themselves with improved confidence. 

Picnic Primary gives students the opportunity to quickly learn and use new vocabulary and grammar concepts as they improve all four language skills. The course syllabus is aligned to local and international primary levels and teachers monitor students’ progress with regular skills review and assessment.

Course Features

  • Systematic course nurtures English language development
  • Group activities develop speaking and listening confidence
  • Expand vocabulary and improve spelling skills
  • Explore and use new grammar concepts 
  • Enhance reading fluency and comprehension
  • Enrich writing composition and creativity

Picnic Primary 是一個漸進式的綜合小學英語課程,激勵性主題和教材令學生更投入,學生能有效地練習和培養他們對英語之興趣。 課堂試學生探索不同生動主題,逐步提升他們的核心語言技能,使他們能夠更有信心地以英語溝通和表達個人想法,明顯改善英語。 

課程互動教學方式讓學生能加快學習新的詞彙,並正確地學習語法概念,令他們全面地續步提升英水平。 課程大綱與本地和國際水平一致,教師通過定期評估和回顧確保每位學生都能持續進步。


  • 有系統課程有效培養學童英語能力的發展
  • 小組活動可以培養會語和聆聽
  • 提升詞彙量及串字技巧
  • 探討及使用新的文法概念
  • 提升閱讀流暢性和理解力
  • 豐富學童寫作結構和創意


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