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Picnic Phonics is a comprehensive British phonics course that is structured into three progressive levels. The course combines two highly effective and multi-sensory phonics programmes, Jolly Phonics and Letters & Sounds, that ensures students successfully achieve with their phonics development. 

Phonics lessons are fun, active and carefully structured with ability appropriate materials to support and challenge learning. Students enjoy a series of stimulating activities such as letter pronunciation, word blending, interactive spelling games, singing songs and reading stories from the Picnic library. Picnic Phonics training gives students the confidence to apply their phonics learning and make excellent progress to improve their English skills.

Sounds  →  Words  →  Sentences  →  Independent Writing

Course Features

  • Learn British phonics with Jolly Phonics
  • Native pronunciation of all phonics sounds
  • Use actions and songs to learn and recall sounds
  • Practise blending sounds to make words 
  • Build vocabulary and improve spelling skills
  • Learn letter formation and develop writing skills
  • Develop reading fluency and comprehension

Picnic Phonics是一個全面的英式拼音課程,課程分為三個級別。課程結合了兩個高效和多元感官拼音課程,Jolly Phonics 和 Letters & Sounds,能夠確保學童對拼音發展更有優勢。

Phonics 課堂有趣豐富,透過細選的教材令學習更互動,激發學童對英語的學習動機。課堂上學童可以享受一系列多元化活動,如標準發音,單詞混音,互動串字遊戲,唱遊和閱讀Picnic圖書館的故事,培養學童逐步提升英語能力。Picnic Phonics 當中的教學模式能令學童日後對英語學習更信心,透過學童所學的拼音技能明顯地令學童對將來英語學習更勝一籌。

原音 → 生字 → 句子 → 創意寫作


  • 套用英國的 Jolly Phonics 學習英語拼音
  • 以英式發音教授所有發音
  • 透過動作和歌曲來學習令學童更容易吸收
  • 通過混音認識不同的新詞彙
  • 提升詞彙量及改善拼讀
  • 學習字母形成和寫作技巧
  • 明顯提升閱讀流暢性和理解能力


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