Specialised English Phonics Learning


Student Age

K1 to P5



Lesson Duration

60 minutes

Class Size

Max. 6

Picnic Phonics is a comprehensive British phonics course that is structured into three progressive levels. The course combines two highly effective and multi-sensory phonics programmes, Jolly Phonics and Letters & Sounds, that ensures students successfully achieve with their phonics development. 

Phonics lessons are fun, active and carefully structured with ability appropriate materials to support and challenge learning. Students enjoy a series of stimulating activities such as letter pronunciation, word blending, interactive spelling games, singing songs and reading stories from the Picnic library. Picnic Phonics training gives students the confidence to apply their phonics learning and make excellent progress to improve their English skills.

Course Features

  • Learn British phonics with Jolly Phonics
  • Native pronunciation of all phonics sounds
  • Use actions and songs to learn and recall sounds
  • Practise blending sounds to make words 
  • Build vocabulary and improve spelling skills
  • Learn letter formation and develop writing skills
  • Develop reading fluency and comprehension

Sounds  →  Words  →  Sentences  →  Independent Writing

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