We are Picnic English Learning, an established education centre in Hong Kong that provides high quality English language courses for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

Our passionate team and experienced teachers deliver fun and engaging English lessons with carefully selected resources in our spacious and colourful classrooms. We consistently strive to give students the best opportunity to enrich their language skills and support their personal development as they enjoy learning English. 

Learn English Better with Picnic

  • Fun and active English only learning environment
  • Qualified and experienced Native English teachers 
  • Structured curriculum (local and international)
  • Regular assessment and lesson feedback
  • Effective boost of students’ English levels
  • Progress Reports and a Certificate of Course Completion*

*Students must have an attendance of 90% or above


我們是 Picnic English Learning,已在香港成立多年的教育中心,專為3至12歲的學童提供高質的英語語言課程。


跟 Picnic 學習純正英語

  • 有趣和互動的英語學習環境
  • 英語外藉老師教授
  • 有系統的課程(本地及國際)
  • 定期評估和課程回顧
  • 有效提高學童的英語水平
  • 進度報告和課程修畢證書*


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